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We enjoyed an all-day tour of the South Rim while Tanner and Peter hiked 1/2 way to the canyon floor.
Photo 1 is a panorama I created from four images to show the breadth of the canyon. The late afternoon light evokes the canyon's beautiful colors. Photographed from the South Rim, the North Rim is at the upper left, the Painted Desert is at the upper right.
In photos 10 and 11, you can see Phantom Ranch, the rustic destination for hikers one mile below the canyon rim. There are no services there, just a ranger to watch out for emergencies. All supplies must be packed in. Reservations are required and the current wait for space is 18 months.
Photo 9 shows the suspension bridge that hikers must cross to get to Phantom Ranch. All components for the bridge were brought in on foot or by mule and it was assembled onsite.

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