Bill Hawkins, Portrait Photographer

"Each photograph captures a moment in time, each image records a slice of our lives," says portrait photographer Bill Hawkins. "Years later these precious images will remind us of our loves, our accomplishments and the joys of our lives."

Bill recently completed a book documenting his family’s heritage. "Thankfully, my grandmother, Stella Place Brown, truly valued the new art of photography." said Hawkins. "The images she left record her family and her life as a bride and young mother homesteading in the 1890's wilderness of the Washington Territory." The book, Our Brown Heritage: From England Across America, is available at

Throughout his career in Information Technology, Hawkins maintained an amateur's passion for photography. The Christmas gift of his first camera, a Kodak, led to the publication of his first images at age seventeen.

Today, Hawkins has many publications and awards to his credit. At HeyPaparazzi Photography, Bill's photographic and computer expertise blends seamlessly to master the techniques of digital photography. Peruse the Restoration: Before & After Gallery and marvel as beautiful images replace faded memories.