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We all have treasured photographs, favorite portraits of family members, historic photographs of homes and special events. Over time, bad things can happen to our favorite images, such as rips, stains, fading or worse. Even properly stored photos often suffer discoloration over time.

The image of "Great Grandfather" came to me in five pieces plus an envelope of dust particles. The beautifully restored image is now proudly displayed in the family's home. Browse the "After" and "Before" images of additional photo restorations.

Hey Paparazzi Photography is expert at restoring your treasured photographs, and your originals are returned unchanged.

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Great GrandfatherGreat GrandfatherSailorSailorBrown Homestead, 1890s, Mumford, NYBrown Homestead, 1890s, Mumford, NYSoldierSoldierTacoma Homestead, Washington Territory, 1895Tacoma Homestead, Washington Territory, 1895Original Cover ShotFinal Cover

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