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Salamanca is a city in western Spain that is the capital of the Province of Salamanca in the community of Castile and León. The city lies on several hills by the Tormes River. Its Old City was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1988.

Salamanca is famous for its university, which is the third oldest university in Europe dating back to 1218; in fact the university has influenced Salamanca's history, daily life and atmosphere a great deal.

On the way, we saw a flock of storks in their nests. They are so large, the story of the stork delivering new babies is "believable".

Once in Spain, I got to try our my new language, Spanish. The photo is of my 4 amigos nuevos thatI met at the bar at our rest stop. Hasta luego, amigos!

In Salamance, we met our friends Catharenia and Andrew Lamont-Brown. We had not seen each other for 27 years! We met in Hawaii in 1992 and have stayed in touch, hoping to connect again. They now have a home on the northern Spanish coast and came to Salamanca to visit with us.

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