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Although reportedly occupied since the 6th century, this village on the top of the hill above Figueira da Castelo Rodrigo has an 11th century castle reconquered from the Moors during the Reconquista. The village is surrounded by a fortified wall and the view over the plain is dramatic. After the Spanish occupation of Portugal for 60 years, the castle was destroyed. They say it has not been renovated in order to give warning to the Spanish not to attempt to occupy Portugal again.

The history is particularly interesting. When the Jews were forced to convert or leave Spain, a number came to this village. When the lord was forced by Spanish domination to exile Jews, he allowed them to "convert" externally but not internally. The story goes that a young boy inadvertently revealed this secret to a visiting priest and caused great destruction. But the village was occupied for a long time by Christians, Jews, and Muslims who all got along just fine.

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