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"Casa Neverlandia", designed and built by James Talbot and partner Kay Pils, was a "studless, 1-story, WWI era bungalow that Talbot purchased in 1979 for $13,000. Today, Casa Neverlandia is a 3 story home, solidly constructed using brick, steel and concrete. The home's striking distinction is evident in its design and embellishments executed by Talbot and Kay.

Built without air conditioning or central heat, Casa Neverlandia is comfortable in summer thanks to the circulating air flow design. In winter, the owners add layers and light a fire in the kiva-like sunken fireplace.

Imagine waking up in your third story master bedroom suite. You hop from bed to the rope bridge and cross to the top of a multi-level Tree House where you welcome the sunrise. Then sliding down a 22 foot firepole to the chicken coop, you collect fresh eggs for breakfast!

You know what? ... It's FUN to be Talbot!!

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